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Wave goodbye to shelf milk and yogurt

Transform nuts, seeds, and soy into endless varieties of dairy-free delights with DELCINO Dairy-Free Milk & Yogurt Maker. It's your portal to a world of plant-based possibilities. Almond lattes, oatmilk smoothies, tangy coconut yogurt, and beyond – your creativity is the only limit!

Cold, warm, or hot milk in minutes

Creamy yogurt with up to 12 hours run time

Easy to use

Low operating noise

Mess-free straining

Auto-clean function

From oat milk to almond yogurt, enjoy your dairy-free journey 



“DELCINO is a revelation! Its sleek packaging, and user-friendly design make crafting plant-based milk and yogurt a joy. the strong blender ensures a perfect consistency. Cleanup is a breeze, and the included cotton strainer and its holder add extra convenience.."


"Its ease of use and on-demand plant-based milk and yogurt creation are essential in our household. Exploring many different plant-based recipes make it an exciting and innovative addition. Kudos to DELCINO for delivering joy and natural alternatives!."


“DELCINO is a true game-changer — used it three times, and I'm in love! Its speed, ease of use, and quiet operation set it apart. The quick cleaning process and justified price make it a standout addition to any kitchen.”
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