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Your Gateway to Fresh, Homemade Plant-Based Goodness

The DELCINO Dairy-Free Milk & Yogurt Maker is a high-performance kitchen appliance designed to bring delicious, healthy milk and yogurt to your table. Craft your favorites, from creamy almond lattes to tangy cashew yogurt, with endless possibilities at your fingertips.

Choose your ingredients: Almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, oats – the choice is yours! DELCINO transforms any nut or seed into your dairy-free masterpiece.

Beverages for all occasions: Craving a steaming oat milk latte? A refreshing almond milk smoothie? DELCINO's hot, warm, and room temperature settings let you make any dairy-free beverages.

Plain or Greek Yogurt: The world's only plant-based milk maker with a yogurt-making feature. Effortlessly make delicious plain or Green yogurt.    

Enhanced convenience: The time delay and self-cleaning functions make preparation and cleanup a breeze.

Quiet operation: The noise-reduction lid keeps things peaceful, letting you create your plant-based magic at any time.

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